What we do

We are a nationally registered incorporated charity that supports unmet medical & defensive equipment supplies, disease research and animal welfare.

Medical and defensive supplies

United Aid & Logistics in Ukraine

Disease research

Enhanced patient cell generation and analysis methods 

Animal welfare

Riding for the Disabled

Our causes

Medical supplies and defensive equipment 

We support unmet medical and defensive equipment needs in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of defenders across a 1200 km frontline are frequently challenged by shortages in medical and equipment supplies, with most of government aid provided by way of weaponry. 

Preventable combat related deaths are often caused by hemorrhage which can be stopped by chest seals, tourniquets and bandages. 

Other necessary life-saving equipment includes reconnaissance drones, anti-drone devices, energy generators, and advanced quality ceramic plates.

These are acquired and delivered directly to the frontline by Ukraine Aid Ops

FAQ: Why support Ukraine? 

Answer: We don't want to get involved in politics - it is a social responsibility to prevent further human rights violations that they have witnessed during the invasion. International support has aimed to assist cessation of hostilities by the aggressors, including daily targeting of civilians, sham elections in occupied areas, ceasing forced conscription of captives, and eventually allowing their forcibly dispersed population to return.

FAQ: Isn't international government multi-million dollar support to Ukraine enough? 

Answer: Though significant progress has been made in regaining territory and almost entirely disabling the initial invading force, maintaining a country-wide frontline against a larger opposition is a complex task. To increases chances of survival, soldiers need advanced protective equipment, reconnaissance and medical supplies beyond standard issue, and in continuous supply. Responding to on-demand requests during shortages when there are gaps in military supplies, is where volunteer groups like @UkraineAidOps come in. Every additional piece of defensive equipment supplied can be the difference between life or death for a unit.

FAQ: Is this organisation a scam? 

Answer: There is no evidence to suggest this, although there are many scammers out there. Ukraine Aid Ops was founded by an Estonian volunteer shortly after the invasion in 2022 and is currently lead by Sytske de Boer, as covered by Fox13 News, Yahoo News, and the Leeuwarder Courant. They have raised and delivered millions of dollars of equipment, post daily updates on Twitter/X, are active in many online forums and have no claims of misconduct to date. 

FAQ: Will my donation be anonymous? 

Answer: We will not disclose any personal details of your donation unless you specifically request otherwise. 

FAQ: Ukraine Aid Ops operates in Ukraine, is my donation tax deductible? 

Donations to Auxilius Foundation Inc. are tax deductible in Australia. All proceeds for this cause are sent to @UkraineAidOps to support their operations in Ukraine. Follow the team on the ground at twitter.com/UkraineAidOps.

Disease research

We develop more efficient human stem cell conversion and analysis methods to identify potential therapeutics for degenerative diseases. Updates coming soon. 

Animal welfare

We support the welfare of therapeutic animals.

Equine therapy is a form of psychotherapy that allows patients to participate in grooming, feeding, leading and riding horses. This helps enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities, and there is evidence that riding can stimulate cognitive ability

We supported Riding for the Disabled provide feed and wet sand systems to reduce strain on legs of horses providing hippotherapy. Find out more about equine therapy in Australia, UK, and UK

Where donations go

100% of donations are dedicated to target causes excluding platform transfer fees (e.g. PayPal or mycause).

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia. 

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